Whirlpool Direction

This question is really posed as, "Which way does the water spin in the toilet?" Why does the water spin in nature? Do natural whirlpools follow the same direction as the toilet water whirlpool?

Students in the Northern Hemisphere:

Allison, Melinda, Nick, and John tested various toilets and sinks to see which way the water spins down the drain. Their findings are below. The difference between the toilets and the sink is really no difference because they are all made from the same company. They found it has nothing to do with nature. It only has to do with the brand of the toilets and sinks.

Everybody’s Home-counter clockwise
School Girl’s room- clockwise
School Boy’s room- clockwise
Classroom Sink-counter clockwise

Moturoa Classroom from Appleby School, Nelson, New Zealand had fun with this question.

We weren't able to find out why water spins as it goes down the plughole but we did find out that it always goes down anti-clockwise like in this video we made.

We didn't take a video of the toilet because we didn't think that would make a very nice image so we used the staffroom sink.

By Elliott, Jordan, Shania and Kyle.