• What seasons do you have?
  • What time of year does each season occur?
  • What changes occur with each season?
  • What season effects do we have?

Kathy, Andrew, Zeeshan, and Shivani did research on seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.

Seasons are caused the tilt of the earth. This affects us because in the Northern hemisphere's winter, the sun is directed at the Southern hemisphere. This makes the weather there warmer than our weather.

When the northern half of the earth is pointing towards the sun, the other half is pointing away from the sun. This is why your seasons depend on where you are living right this very instant. Sometimes, both sides have equal amount of sunlight. Guess when that happens. Spring and autumn!

1. Autumn - September, October, November, December
Leaves turn different colors (of deciduous trees only)
It gets colder
Not a lot of sun and clear skies
Skies aren't that bright blue they are fierce and grayish
2. Spring - March, April, May, June
It gets warmer
flowers bloom
very rainy
bright blue skies
sunny and warm
mild weather and mostly precipitates
3. Summer - June, July, August, September
It's the hottest season of the year in the Northern hemisphere.
People go to the beach
The sun is really high in the sky
The days are longer
Very HOT
4. Winter - December, January, February, March
It's the coldest time of year
Snow and other types of precipitation fall a lot(like hail, sleet, etc.)
There are no leaves on deciduous trees
Everybody wears their heavy coats

Northern Hemisphere: New York Seasons

In New Zealand we have four seasons- summer, autumn, winter and spring.

We are having summer now and it is December.

I Wonder Why the Sun Rises by Houghton Mifflin Books

We have seasons because the world is on a bit of a tilt and the the warmest bit is closest to the sun.

In summer we go to the beach, go camping or swimming in the sea. Summer is December, January and February.

In autumn the leaves fall off the deciduous trees but most native trees are evergreen. Autumn is March, April and May.

In winter we go to the snow, sit by the fire and have a nice big roast and a cup of cocoa. Winter is June, July, and August.

In spring we play with the lambs and watch the blossoms on the fruit trees. Spring is September, October and November.

By Brittany, Nicole, Dino and Sam