• What are the basic laws of gravity?
  • Are these laws followed in both hemispheres?

South Paris Collaborative in the Northern Hemisphere did research on gravity. Here is what Ben, Bridgette, Joshua, and Kyra found.

Basic Laws of Gravity:
1) If you drop 2 objects from the same point, they will land at the same time no matter how different the weight or sizes are. We used a pencil, a little gummy type grip, a Gatorade bottle, and a very heavy white board eraser, and a tissue. As you can see, the tissue dropped later than the all the other objects. This is caused by the air going through the little holes in it.
Right now the gravity is just enough to keep the moon in its orbit. If the gravity got any stronger, it will pull the moon towards the earth and it would crash into us and we’ll die. If it got any weaker, the moon would fall out of its orbit and there wouldn’t be any moon at night.

Moturoa Classroom from Appleby School, Nelson, New Zealand made this video to show you how gravity makes things fall to earth in the Southern Hemisphere as well as in America!

Georgie let this block drop to show you that even if we are at the bottom of the globe gravity still works.

We looked up in some books to find out more about gravity because our internet was getting fixed so it goes faster.

Gravity is a force that pulls you down. The books said that everything pulls everything else towards it. Even people attract each other. Bigger objects like our world have more pull than smaller objects.

We found this image that shows our world from 'down under'. New Zealand is at the centre of the map and at the top!

Source: https://webct.utah.edu

By Shayn, Georgie, Jack and Josh