About Us

Northern Hemisphere:
  • South Paris Collaborative: Teachers - Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard
  • Consists of 24 fifth grade students. Fifth graders are approximately 10 years old.
  • You can see us on our website and our blog.
  • This photo was taken this week outside of school. We love how it shows the weather in December.


Southern Hemisphere:
  • Moturoa Classroom at Appleby School, Nelson, New Zealand. We are 25 Year Four and five students- most of us are 10 years old. Here is our blog www.moturoa.blogspot.com
  • This photo was taken last week while we were on camp at a beach area close to our school. You can get an idea of what the weather is like at the moment in New Zealand. Our summer school holidays start at Christmas time so we had better get busy finding out answers to some of those questions.